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December 2014

"Neaves' whiptail lizard: the first known tetraploid parthenogenetic tetrapod (Reptilia: Squamata: Teiidae" was published in Breviora.

November 2014

Peter and Aracely attended the HHMI Science Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland. Aracely presented a poster on "Oogenesis in unisexual whiptail lizards".

September 2014

Congrats to the new graduate, Summer!

Allie attended RiboClub annual meeting in Orford, Canada. Allie presented a poster on

"Inhibition of splicing affects human telomerase RNA biogenesis".

June 2014

Aracely Newton attended the Evolution 2014 meeting Raleigh, North Carolina. Aracely gave an oral presentation on "Unisexual whiptail lizards find a loophole: how meiosis progresses in a species created through hybridization".

Chi-Kang, Richard, and Li attended the 19th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society in Quebec City.

Chi-Kang presented a poster on "Quality control of telomerase RNA biogenesis", and Richard presented a poster on "Characterization of fission yeast tri-methyl guanosine synthase (tgs1)".

May 2014

Peter was the keynote speaker at the Canadian Symposium on Genome Integrity and Telomeres in Quebec City.

April 2014

Kristi, Lili and Maggie attended the EMBO conference on Telomeres, Telomerase and Disease in Brussels. Kristi and Maggie each presented a poster (titled "Molecular characterization of telomerase-independent survivors" and "In vivo selection for new telomerase RNA template regions in S. pombe", respectively), and Lili gave an oral presentation on "A Billion Years of Shelterin - Conservation of Interaction Modules and the Potential to Form Higher Order Structures".

December 2013

We wish Ram well in his postdoctoral appointment in the

Ventura lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

October 2013

Peter spoke about "Biogenesis and Regulation of Telomerase" at the Mendel Lectures in Brno.

September 2013

Congratulations to the new graduates, Richard and Allie!

August 2013

Congrats to Evan on passing his Master's defense!

June 2013

Well done Dr. Kannan!

Ram passed his Ph.D. defense.

May 2013

Congratulations to Peter on being named an HHMI Investigator!

The lab had a great time on their camping trip

to Niangua River; click here for pictures!

April 2013

Lili and Elena both attended the Telomeres and Telomerase meeting in Cold Spring Harbor,

and Lili gave a presentation on "Fission yeast telomere architecture and length regulation."

March 2013

We congratulate Wen on his postdoctoral appointment in the Mello lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Ram's work in "Intronic sequence elements impede exon ligation and trigger a discard pathway that yields functional telomerase RNA in fission yeast" was published in

Genes & Development. Great job Ram!

January 2013

Peter was named the Priscilla Wood Neaves Endowed Chair in the Biomedical Sciences.

Congrats Peter!

November 2012

Congratulations Dr. Lutes!

Aracely successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis.

October 2012

The 2012 EMBO Meeting on Telomeres and the DNA Damage Response was held in

l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France